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Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Human Interaction

Customer experience is a vital component of competitive advantage. To meet new customer standards, companies across industries have automated various touchpoints throughout the customer journey. The problem with this approach is that companies often look to cut costs while they are trying to improve customers’ experiences. 

Many business leaders are grappling with the fact that customer experiences actually require a balance between automated solutions and the human touch. To deal with the issue honestly, executives need to focus on other issues besides cost savings. A new white paper by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Teleperformance examines how business leaders are dealing with this digital world, and how best to approach this issue.

Teleperformance uses technology and global best practices to enhance the ability of our employees to deliver exceptional service on behalf of our clients. We ensure that the relationships we form hold firm, and we fortify the confidence customers have in us through our products and services.

This white paper provides a compelling examination of the importance of an emotional connection between brands and customers, and how creating a high-tech, high-touch approach is critical to doing this. Companies must see each interaction as an opportunity to show empathy and to build stronger relationships. Ultimately, what will lead to business success is a re-imagined dynamic that makes customers the focus of decision makers and emphasizes the importance of front-line employees who represent the company every day.

Learn more about what business leaders are doing to create the right high-tech, human touch approach to customer experience. Read the new white paper today!

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